The programme which was organized  to address the issue of HIV/ AIDS among Christian youths and  facilitated in by Miss Tosin Apiriola of Women and Youth Development Initiatives A Non Governmental Organization that has been working on HIV/ AIDS and other intervention for women and youth in Nigeria.
            Followed are the recommendations made by participants through group work:
  1. That HIV/AIDS is real and there is need for every individual to be informed
  2. Everyone should get tested, as it is the only sure way of knowing one’s status.
  3. That individuals and the church society should avoid stigmatization and help infected people by caring for and supporting them.
  4. That the need for HIV/ AIDS sensitization for the youths and the church society cannot be over emphasized as youth somewhere is youth every where because as youths we interact and socialize in so many places outside the church e.g schools, places of work, homes and neighborhoods.
  5. Key interest and intervention should be made on pregnant women and nursing mothers to avoid infection.
  6. That seminar for sensitization be organized regularly. In such seminars like health seminars members should be encouraged to get tested.
  7. Teaching on abstinence/ Preaching on holiness be emphasized to disabuse the minds of the larger society where use of condoms are encouraged even among unmarried youths and secondary school students.
  8. The church leaders and society should encourage production of leaflets and other IEC materials for information dissemination.
  9. Participants called for the creation of Health/ Medical departments where health related matters of members will be catered for.
  10. That there should be incorporation of awareness campaigns in Pastors conferences, Church conventions and other related programmes
  11. Health workers should make regular presentation on HIV/AIDS and other Health related issues in Sunday services
We will be glad if the church leaders take note of the above mentioned points and promptly act on them for the upliftment of youths and people of the church at large.
May God continue to uphold the church. (Amen)

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