Women and Youth Development Initiatives organized a youth and democracy discussion forum on 30th October, 2012.  World Youth Day is a day commemorated globally to coordinate, lead, inform and advocate on Youth Governance and Inclusion in Decision making processes.

The forum brought together and provided a platform where young people gave their perspectives on how Youth and Democracy meets and can be made more effective with young people in order to help develop youths democratic strategic framework. This was coming at a time in a year when the world had seen tremendous acts of courage, creativity, and commitment by young people in pushing a democratization agenda in several countries, including some of the world’s most difficult political systems. Young people have continued to thrust themselves into the strategic lead for democratic initiatives across sectors, communities and countries. 

In its discussion were thematic areas on: Youth and Democracy, Culture, Religion, Gender, Empowerment& Entrepreneurship and The Future We Want.

The Forum was supported by Radio Nigeria (Harmony FM), National Pilot, Ministry of Sports and Youth Development, Kwara State and World Youth Movement for Democracy.

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